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Personal Use Vehicles Inclusions / Exclusions



•Upholstery brushed, shampooed, extracted or mat stain cleaning as necessary

•Deep clean of interior vinyl surfaces

•UV protection interior detail spray applied to dash and console

•Fabric or leather upholstery cleaning and extraction as necessary (upholstery brushes, shampooing, extraction)

•Upholstery high temperature steam extraction treatment

•Vent Steam Treatment

•All interior windows, and mirrors cleaned

•Compartments cleaned if items are removed

•Foot Pedal Detail

•Door Jambs when bundled with exterior detail

•Complimentary ozone treatment during COVID-19 on request

•Inclusive of up to 6-hours detail time

•Exclusion: Full headliner, heavy stain treatment, hazardous waste cleanup, recommended upgrades


•Pressure wash followed by a hand wash


•Wheels and wheel well cleaning and conditioning

•All exterior windows and mirrors cleaned

•Exclusion: pickup truck box, undercarriage, door jambs unless bundled with interior detail, recommended upgrades

Surcharge: Heavily soiled interior vehicles exceeding 6-hour time$ 99.99

*Either pre-installed seat covers or seat upholstery will be cleaned. Seat covers will not be removed, cleaned, upholstery cleaned, and reinstalled. Heavily soiled seat covers can be requested for removal and disposal for seat upholstery cleaning.

*Car seats must be removed prior to service

*Removal of customers personal items from vehicle is counted towards the 6-hour detail time

*Fleet vehicles and work vehicles are not included in this pricing structure

*We encourage customers who want an all inclusive service to call for a premium detail quote which will require approx 12 to 72 hours of detail time dependant on customer service expectations

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