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“Hard Enough” to offer resistance against very light scratches and “Flexible Enough" to allow self-healing if light scratches do occur this is a superior, advanced level of protection you just do not experience in our traditional ceramic coatings.  Revivify’s advanced self-healing nano coatings is a revolutionary new generation of hand-applied, heat-activated, state-of-the-art nanotechnology coating with self-healing properties. There is no limit of times the coating can restore itself back to the original appearance and protective characteristics.

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Revivify Automotive Packages

Graphene Pro

Small Vehicles Starting at: $1,849

5 Year Graphene Pro Warranty

Graphene Pro Package Includes:

Display on CARFAX®

1 Layer of Graphene Pro on painted surfaces

1 Layer of Graphene Pro on plastic surfaces

1 Layer of SH Lite on wheel faces (No Warranty)

1 Layer of SH Lite on windshield (No Warranty)

Watch the video below to see self-healing properties!

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